Saturday, January 28, 2012

Passenger Number Three

When searching for a dragon,
the one who sleeps at sea,
take sail with a Phoenician 
in a boat that carries three.

With you and the Phoenician,
of three, that makes but two. 
That which fills the space that's left
is woven from bamboo.

This basket's lined with mirrors
reflecting moon and sea.
This paper covered lantern
is passenger number three. 

Don't look into the lantern.
Ha! this you shouldn't do,
for all that you will find there
is a mirror holding you...

...alone with your reflection
in a boat that carries three.
Beyond your sight a dragon
crests the surface of the sea.


(the moral of the story - when sailing with Phoenicians,
wait till you get home to look in the mirror.)

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