Saturday, June 16, 2012


Slip sightless into time's true entrance...

Be with time, alone in time.
It is an art
 this journey with time
the companion who has translated
 everything we have known
into earthly form.  

Even so, time is only one way to travel.
There are others. Like fallen leaves
they littered the land before it became
flat then round then flat again
 as we nailed down the ends of the world
called it civilization and came to recognize
 only those thoughts
which followed one after the other
and were easily translated into words.

...this is only difficult when I search for a beginning
when I search for a time
when this was not so.



  1. Hi Judy,
    An enchanting poem, thoughtful with intriguing imagery, and your pics are just wonderful.I was elated to read this.Thank you also for reading my song, that was nice.

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