Saturday, April 16, 2016

Turtles Flying

It Isn't A Dream

Fog in the brain, body, spirit. It isn’t unpleasant. It might even be sustaining.  What is missing is that edge of reach, that window maybe doorway - sometimes sharply defined sometimes liminal and discreet. What is missing is the thought that is a blade cutting into the fog which cloaks the stars and opens the piñata-like fruits of creativity hanging always nearby and out jumble ribbons floating like wings to dangle and entice or truly wrap round you and bear you flying beyond all boundaries and edges, dispersing the haze and sharpening the focus unto an intensity beyond anywhere but here, here in this fog. 

The fog is warm, soft, soothing, and everything that is highly sought after when anxious, sleepless, stressed, unable to be. It’s eiderdown to a cold bitter day, it needn't be night. Even so, even so, one shoves stubbornly against the sheltering fog because it is thought one should look sharp and out of that attentiveness shall come...something. Is one afeard that with comfort, creativity shall stall or even die?

Is this similar to an opium dream? Though in an opium dream, one isn’t pummeling and pushing aside the visions to look for a creative spark unless one is insanely driven.

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